Spotlight on Elim: Meander’s Historical Dining Experience

To speak of the Inn at Meander Plantation would be incomplete without shedding light on our gourmet, onsite restaurant and historical dining experience, Elim. Its namesake being the former designation for Meander Plantation, Elim offers a fine dining experience fit for a Founding Father.

The History

The Inn at Meander Plantation is steeped with history, and Elim is no exception. Since Colonel Joshua Fry patented the plantation in 1726, it has been a place of coming together for the visionaries that created our country. Col. Joshua Fry and his long time friend, Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson, were famed cartographers who contributed their skills to projects such as the extension of the North Carolina-Virginia border and the Fry-Jefferson Map. Col. Fry and Peter Jefferson are still given homage to this day with two of our [luxurious suites] named after them.


When Colonel Joshua Fry died, he left the plantation to his son, Rev. Henry Fry, and the colonel’s second-in-command, George Washington, took control of the Virginia militia. Rev. Fry, at this time, built the beginnings of the Manor House and named the plantation Elim. In the dining room, Henry Fry and his lifelong friend, Thomas Jefferson, would host guests such as George Washington, General Lafayette, George Mason, and many other American heroes who shaped our country. And these Founding Fathers dined where our guests do the same today. What is now Elim Restaurant was a place of jovial celebration: in the 19th century, Thomas Jefferson and Henry Fry hosted a gala here for General Lafayette to celebrate America’s independence.


As time went on, the plantation was reverted back to its old name, Meander, which Col. Fry had given to the place, referring to winds and bends of the Robinson River. The new restaurant in the Manor House was given the name Elim and brings guests a historical experience as well as great food to this day.


The Dining

We invite you to dine where our Founding Fathers did in Elim Restaurant as you immerse yourself in history and get a gourmet meal, too. The grandeur of our dining room will take you back in time to a time when George Washington would feast on the delicious meals the Fry family provided for him. Complete with slate floors, our colonial fireplace, fine art, and hand-woven Persian rugs, our dining room is exceeded only by the food we serve there.


Breakfast is complimentary and offered every morning to our guests at Elim. It features seasonal selections that are prepared by our chefs with the same care and southern hospitality that has been alive at Elim for centuries.


On Saturday evenings, we invite you to indulge in a historical dining experience at Elim, complete with a four-course gourmet meal made with the finest of local ingredients in the style of classic American fare with a modern spin. Your options for the evening are seasonally crafted experiences that our chefs and innkeepers, Jim and Erica, put much thought and time into. Our doors are open to everyone: whether you be staying with us or just dropping into Elim for dinner.


To make your experience with us all the more authentic, we proudly serve local Virginia beers and wines at Elim. Is there a better place to experience local wines than in the heart of Virginia wine country? We provide recommendations for pairing these local gems with our delicious cuisine. Or, you may feel adventurous and want to try our flight of four local wines.


For more information on Elim hours, reservations, and dietary accommodations, visit our website. We look forward to serving you with the same generosity and hospitality that guests at Elim have been served with for centuries. Call (540) 672-4912 to make a reservation today!


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