Pet Friendly Virginia Bed and Breakfast

At our pet friendly Virginia bed and breakfast, I am once again reminded this morning just how much we all (me, Suzanne and all the staff) enjoy our dog guests. It is super to watch the dogs having such a ball running and romping. Usually our lovable Golden Retriever Callie is right in the middle. But today is especially wonderful because, along with Callie, there is an adorable black 11-month-old mixed puppy, Ursa; an extremely elegant German Shepard, Bandit; and a cute and lovable white, tan and black dog, Doc, all asking to play! People and dogs are running in every direction and I must say it has made me laugh out loud. Our guests often tell us just how much their dogs like it here and return over and over with them. We have watched many dog guests grow from puppy, to full-grown, to mature seniors, enjoying every phase. We share the painful loss of pets with our guests when that happens, as well.

Callie Dog

Our dog Callie

We’ve even had several dogs as bridesmaid or best man at their human’s elopements. Sometimes they can be really funny and never fail to produce lightheartedness and love.

We are also introduced to new breeds. Just recently we had a Japanese Shiba Inu, Anime, a breed of Spitz. Our guest explained that these small dogs resemble a fox (we agree!) and self groom like a cat. And last week we met a beautiful Saluki, Luka, for the first time.

The two most jaw dropping dog guests have been an enormous bull mastiff, Agamemnon,,that weighed in at 225 lbs! He was gentile and sweet and extremely well mannered…but his size was huge! The second guests had two giant schnauzers. I had no idea they were nearly the size of Great Danes.

I do have to say that watching our all time favorite pet-parent guests arrive at the Inn on motorcycle with their Golden Retriever, Gus, in the side car is a totally amusing sight. He will wear his goggles but really doesn’t like the helmet.


gus in sidecar

Gus the Golden Retriever

There are several pet friendly, dog fun locations close to the Inn, like splashing in the Robinson River and walking along the river trails or chasing a ball out in the pastures. If the weather cooperates we can even offer breakfast on the porch so pooch can come as well. Away from the Inn we offer a list of great places that will allow and even welcome dogs. Several wineries such as Early Mountain Vineyards, Old House Vineyards, Keswick Vineyards and Ducard Vineyards even put out dog treats and water bowls. While most won’t let dogs come in the tasting rooms, some do have beautiful covered picnic terraces or patios where a glasses of wine can be shared along with a picnic from the Inn.

Come stay and check out our new pet friendly package located under “Specials” here on the website.


Suzie and Suzanne